Jesus only did the will of his father and yet still had an ordinary job for 15 years

YWAM Beyond is here to serve those YWAMers called by God to their home countries and into spheres of society.

We focus on three main actions: 


to see your job as equally sacred and purposeful as a call to full time ministry


with tools & ideas to recreate discipleship community in any environment


 through other YWAMers that you are not alone and that the feelings you are feeling are normal and ok!

Chances are you experienced something powerful in your DTS and experience with YWAM.

When looking back at your season with YWAM, many see one of the richest spiritual communities that they’ve ever experienced. It would be easy to attribute this as unique to YWAM, but at the end of the day we believe it can be contributed to a community committed to living out the 3 loves. 

The beauty is it can be lived out beyond YWAM by any committed group, anywhere in the world.

Same Ingredients, different recipe.

Love God. Love others. Love the lost.

At its core, YWAM’s key ingredients comes down to 3 things: A community trying to loving God, trying to love each other, and trying to love those who don’t know the Lord. YWAM Beyond is showing bases and individuals around the world different ways these same ingredients can take shape outside of base environments.

When one group of people all commit to living these 3 loves...something happens.


Are you a post-ywamer? Let's connect.

Learn more about how YWAM Beyond might be able to serve you back home, or if you are a YWAM Base looking to see more fruit that remains, please send us your email and we will be in touch shortly!